What We Offer?

Spray painting and gypsum finishing with spraying machine is our speciality. These two areas are our leading themes - 90% of our orders is painting and filling related.

What We Paint/Spackle?

We paint and fill the interiors from tiny rooms to the whole halls or multi-family and service buildings.

What are we painting with?

In cases where we stock up the paint - We rely on proven and reputable brands such as Caparol, Flugger, Beckers etc. However, the final choice depends on investor or the type of object. It is of course possible to use investor's paints, the only condition is choosing product which allows spray painting.

What do we spackle with?

We only operate with proven and reputable brands. The most common brands of our choosing are brands of type like Atlas, Knauf, Semin. If the offer concerns the application of finnishing coat by mechanical method, the material is always on our side. With small investments (smoothing using a traditional/roller method) material can be on the investors side.

Who do we focus our offer to??

We are mainly focusing on companies - offices, factorydevelopers or other smaller or bigger companies. However, we do not exclude private persons.

Service Price

Unfortunately it is not possible to specify the costs as they vary on many factors, such as date, size and type or location of the object. Each pricing is non-binding. Thus, we invite you to contact us!

Operating range

Micro orders – Bełchatów, Piotrków Trybunalski. In cases of private persons and small investments - województwo łódzkie. For big investments - Coverage of the whole Country. Long contract work - whole Europe.